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ParentPrep Activities

- Workshops, Classes, Groups -

Groups/weekly classes

Most weeks Baby Yoga class

Weekly Dancing for Birth™ Classes (Pre/postnatal fitness + birth/motherhood wisdom)

FREE Monthly Positive Birth Movement Group. Anybody welcome. Click for upcoming dates.

Postnatal ParentPrep Workshops

Baby massage Course (4-session) & Foundation Workshop

ParentPrep: Holistic Weaning Workshop

Sweet Sleep: Foundations

ParentPrep: Healthy Sleep Foundations (all ages) for Parents-to-be and Parents with children and in particular ALL expecting moms.

Prenatal ParentPrep Workshops

To view all prenatal activities listed chronologically, please click here.

Click here for a Summary of all upcoming dates for our Prenatal Activities

Calm Birth - Birth prep course

Empowered Pregnancy & Birth (any stage of pregnancy)

Becoming Us 5-part Prenatal Program for couples

Plan for Life after Baby's Birth

Newborn Sleep 101

Prenatal ParentPrep: Newborn Sleep 101

Happiest Baby on the Block

Prenatal ParentPrep: Happiest Baby on the Block

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