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Birth Culture Brunch

As part of the Human Rights in Childbirth and Perinatal Mental Health Awareness pillars at Luxmama, we recognise the importance that current BIRTH CULTURE plays in health, well-being and mental outcomes for the birthing family. If the family is well from the start, our society is well. Birth has deep-rooted consequences for individuals and societies as early experiences create life long patterns and even trans-generational influences (see film In Utero).


Birth Culture Brunch on 11 May 2019 is a free awareness event by the 100% volunteer-run and self-funded NGO Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl, a grass-roots organisation that believes it's time to plant positive seeds of change, because BIRTH AND CHOICE IN BIRTH MATTER.

(In English and French)


  • Sustainable, organic food: a FREE spring brunch

  • The creative arts: LIVE piano & voice musical performance

To create a fertile atmosphere for HONEST conversations


With FREE bubbly/organic non-alcoholic beverage


To inspire much-needed honest reflections on the longstanding inequality the (predominantly female) midwifery profession face in the current health-care system.

As THE experts in physiological birth, their ability to work autonomously (not subservient to doctors) with the low-risk, healthy consumers (85% of population) as primary maternity care providers, is seriously undermined due to legal limitations obliging them to work within the medical/industrial model of care (versus the continuity midwifery model of care).

This is evident in Luxembourg's concerningly high rate of medical interventions in birth (compared to the WHO)...

This is not sustainable...

According to the latest evidence-based recommendations and universal human rights in childbirth, consumers have the right to evidence-based, HUMANISED CARE, which includes the choice of care from a well-staffed, continuity midwifery model of care. 

It is time for change... Let's make it happen Luxembourg! 

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Every human affected by birth is concerned:

Birth workers, parents-to-be, parents, pre/postnatal workers, health & wellness professionals, government officials, politicians, members of the public, concerned citizens of our society's future.


Saturday 11 May 2019

11:00am - 15:00pm

Scroll further down for Program below

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Club Haus am Becheler

Salle Polyvalente,

15a am Becheler




On site in front of the building/surrounding streets, then follow the signs to the Salle Polyvalente

Public Transport:

The venue is very close to bus-stops.

Please check your best route with the Mobiliteit-app



     We are very grateful for Naturata sponsoring a portion of our catering cost.

Sustainable FOOD meets sustainable BIRTH.

F&G Photography will be our volunteer photographer.


Please let us know if you do not want to be on photos or a video to be produced by RTL Today.

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  • Preregistration essential, please click below.

  • Free registration

  • 1 ticket admits 1 person

  • Feel free to spread the word and invite your friends!


     We are very grateful for the renowned and talented duo Claudia Moulin (Soprano) and Grégory Moulin (Pianist) that will "impregnate" us with their musical finesse to raise our consciousness around the concept of equality and how it applies to Birth Culture.

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Claudia Moulin

Claudia Moulin, Luxembourgish lyrical soprano of Italian-Portuguese origin, began her career at 22 years old in 2006. In 2007 she won the Yamaha Foundation scholarship and joined the Opera Lyrique of the Opéra national de Paris for 2 seasons. Finishing her training in 2009 by winning the “Lyrique Carpeaux” award, she made her debut at the National Opera of Paris in 2008 in Rigoletto (directed by D. Oren) and performed there until 2012. She also joined the Young Singer Project of the Salzburg Festival where she sang in The Nightingale of I. Stravinsky under the direction of Ivor Bolton and the role of "La Contessa" in the Nozze di Figaro under the direction of R.Ticciatti. She performs in concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra, with the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra and with the Vocal Ensemble of Lausanne.

Her motivation for supporting Birth Culture Brunch:
She believes it is time to put women in the center again as it is one of THE biggest moments in a women’s life which should be beautiful and stress-free. She feels it is important to be empowered and to have choices around your care. She also believes when you want to change the world, you have to go to the beginning of life…

Now that we know what evidence based birth and universal human rights in childbirth truly mean, it is TIME FOR CHANGE towards humanised care in pregnancy and birth.

Grégory Moulin

Grégory Moulin is a professional pianist originally from France and current choirmaster and assistant choirmaster at the Münster Theater in Germany.

    His motivation to support Birth Culture Brunch:

He believes music is a powerful instrument in molding our perceptions of living in harmony. As humans we need a mutually beneficial goal to work together. This goal has to be something where humanity is empowered. In Birth Culture, the common goal is putting the birthing family in the center and optimising their wellness, which ultimately empowers our society at large...


2014 marks the beginning of the Moulin & Moulin duo (with Grégory Moulin at the piano). Together they tour around the world. 

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