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             When everyone who deals with babies and childbirth realizes how much of an impact the conception, pregnancy and birth experience has on our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual lives we can begin to create the necessary changes that will allow for more gentle and conscious births to take place. This will also lead to a more conscious, connected and caring world for us all…”

Anna Verwaal, Obstetric nurse, birth educator, Doula

Sponsor our Campaigns

This is a unique opportunity to have your name/brand associated with Luxmama. By sponsoring our campaigns, #choice2haveamidwife or #choice2haveadoula, you will gain great exposure. By giving us your support you will have helped families to make informed choices whilst also positively contributing towards a more compassionate society, something which starts at birth!

Luxmama Club and ParentPrep asbl is a not-for-profit organization which is wholly run by volunteers. In order to pay our running costs and continue existing, we currently raise funds mainly via our Social Events and ParentPrep activities so we are able to further our awareness campaigns.

We welcome your sponsorship, big or small.

Support our Campaigns

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Beyond monetary sponsoring, there are many ways to get involved and support our campaigns. From volunteering your expertise or time to giving us advice to helping this campaign move forward with an introduction to someone we hadn't met before or a steer in the right direction. The opportunities are endless.


If you can do one of the above or just want to show your support by having your name listed as Official Supporter, please click the button below to list your name.

Furthermore, if you are inspired to connect online, please join our FB group - Birth Culture Luxembourg here so we can stand together to make a difference.

Our heartfelt thanks to those that are supporting thus far:

Initiativ Liewensufank

Brigitte Lacave, Midwife

Cindy Gouden - the Hypno Midwife

Ruth Mekle, Midwife

Joan Jacquet - Midwife

Martine Welter Midwife

Anne Damm Midwife

Nadine Barthel Midwife

Daniela Rosamond - Osteopath

Association Luxembourgeoise de Sages-Femmes

Passage Parents

Erin Botrie (Birth Doula, now back in Canada)

Christina Anyfanti (postpartum doula)

Pauline Myrand - Anthropologist

Luxmama volunteers

The Luxmama community from all nationalities attending our events & workshops which is our current source of fundraising

Claudia & Grégory Moulin (professional musicians)


PwC Luxembourg

Annabelle Laborier-Saffran (Psychologist (graduate), systemic family therapist and supervisor (DGSF certified), Gender equality commissioner, Local coordinator for welcoming and supporting asylum seekers and 1st generation migrants)

Monetary Sponsors/Donors


Soprano, Claudia Moulin kindly donated her birthday fundraiser via FB to Luxmama with a whopping €180, thank you Claudia!

"Women supporting women, whether as midwives or doulas, has a long history globally. Midwives and doulas have always been together in one form or another during birth, but in recent history a gap has occurred, which sees us practicing less together in partnership for our common goal of supporting women during the childbearing years. Midwifery Today recognizes the need for doulas to be recognized alongside midwives in a new way that shows our support for bridging any gaps between these two communities. It is time for doulas and midwives to come together to create strong partnerships. This does not always mean actively practicing together—but coming together in the shared goal of creating and supporting empowered, positive, healthy birth and early parenting experiences for all women. This is critical for birth reform; we are stronger together than apart. Midwives and doulas working collaboratively on this level, we believe, is imperative to creating and supporting a safety net for women and families during pregnancy, birth, and beyond—especially when women give birth in a hospital setting."

Midwifery Today


Read more about our campaign


Read more about our campaign

About Human Rights in Childbirth

Still a very new concept in the Western world

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