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Midwives trust a woman’s power to give birth successfully.

Midwifery Today


Interested to share? We'd love to hear your opinion/experience for the Luxmama Blog! Anonomous also possible. Click here to complete an online interview for MIDWIVES, PERINATAL/HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, CONCERNED CITIZENS.

What concerned citizens say

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Maternal choice in Childbirth is a human right.

About #choice2haveamidwife

All about our Awareness Campaign and how you can get involved #choice2haveamidwife


Build your brand and show your support whilst also making a positive impact on parents, babies and our society

Hire a Midwife

Get in contact with the Association  Luxembourgeoise de Sages Femmes ("ALSF")

Midwife Events

All about midwifery awareness events we are involved in

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