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Partners & Friends

Want to become an Official Luxmama Friend? We are always looking for local venues to support us.  We are also looking for a helping hand in legal services to assist with our work in human rights in childbirth. Perhaps you could assist with our awareness campaigns? Any other help/offers are appreciated. Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger! Click below to get in touch.

Or to offer preferential rates of a valuable product/service that will interest our members, you can apply to become a Luxmama partner. If your products or services are beneficial to expecting and new parents and not against the core principles of our Mission or in competition of what our offerings/offerings in planning, we would consider you to become an official Partner, by offering our members a fixed discount or benefit.



To find out more and apply in becoming a partner/friend and have the opportunity to display our official partner/friends badge on your website, please see the form below to apply!

Please note that it could take up to 3 months to process your request and we have a waiting list and limited internal resources. To speed up the process feel free to come and join either our monthly Bellies & Booties or Positive Birth Movement events so we can meet you directly.

Official Luxmama Friend Badge.png
Official Luxmama Partner Badge.png
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