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Dancing for Birth™

(pre/postnatal fitness & birth/motherhood wisdom)

Learn fun, easy and inspiring dance moves for a pleasurable and positive birth/motherhood and pre/postnatal fitness fun.

Classes also include valuable birth/motherhood wisdom, celebration, relaxation, mindfulness and bonding with each other.


No previous dance experience needed! If you can walk, you can dance :-)

Classes include a variety of specifically modified Eastern, Latin, African and Caribbean dance. And no, it's not just belly dance :-)

You are primal, powerful and wise! Discover the keys to activate your powerful instincts...

Come and join the Dancing for Birth Sisterhood!

More than Prenatal Fitness - Birth Readiness™, it’s the “trifecta” of birth preparation: feel-good dance fitness, essential childbirth education, and celebration of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, all rolled into one profound & powerful class that supports you at every stage, from pre-conception through postpartum.

After you give birth, come full circle and wear your baby to class as you return to the sisterhood for postpartum fitness, motherhood wisdom/celebration and bonding with your baby. 

Each signature move and technique is designed to:

Guide your baby into the optimal fetal position/soothe your baby in the baby carrier,

and enable you to effectively work with your baby and your body for a birth/motherhood experience you’ll love.


This fun and effective fusion classes are currently offered on four continents.

Birth professionals and moms alike use the specially modified dance moves during labor to make birth shorter, easier and safer and motherhood more fun.

What mamas say:

“Dancing For Birth class was an essential part of my pregnancyI was surprised by the human connection I found in the class. Dancing For Birth exceeded my expectations” - Ashley, Mother of 2

“I love it! It is so relaxing + Informative. You don’t have to be a good dancer to enjoy it! I learned to love labor & learned to move my body in an efficient way in labor.” - Mary, Mother of 3

"I love it. It’s relaxing & good for my mind & body. I intend to give birth vertically instead of on my back." - Anne, mother of 2

"Wonderfully engaging. Informative. Spirit lifting. Encouraging. Helpful. I learned to trust my body, squatting is key, and I learned comfort measures that were super helpful." - Kristy Smith, mother of 2

"The class makes me feel empowered, safe, valued." - Jenna, Mother of 1

"I love it! It makes me feel empowered and rejuvenated. Exactly what I need. You will learn & grow as a person in ways that you won’t predict"  - Rebecca, mother of 1

"Dancing for Birth" classes are awesome! It's not only dancing but also sharing with other women; it allows you to have another vision of pregnancy and labour; it's a way to be empowered on the path of your motherhood.
Marise, our teacher, is simply a wise woman. Through her smile we open up to each other with complete confidence.
I totally recommend it!!" - Laia, mother of 2

"Mamas to be - be sure to try the Dancing for Birth classes. I am not much of a fan of group excercises in general and during this pregnancy I am super tired and lazy as a bonus. But since I started with this program I would not miss a class. If you want to feel prepared for childbirth - both physically and mentally - it is the place to go. You do not need to have any dancing experience but you will leave with some simple and effective dancing moves making you feeling very feminine, energetic and capable. In short (as Marise, the trainer, often says) you will feel like a (birth) Goddess :) Plus you will get some very useful tips and tricks for possible issues in pregnancy and smooth childbirth. Since I started dancing I no longer have pain in my hips and feel very competent and proud as a life-giver (instead of scared of dying of pain)." - Jana, mother of 2

dancing for birth luxembourg
dancing for birth luxembourg


Women during:

  • Preconception, pregnancy (with go-ahead from dr),

  • Postnatal with/without baby not-yet-crawling.

    • Please bring baby in baby carrier

    • Please obtain go-ahead from dr

Partners are welcome too at no extra cost.

No spectators possible, only participants.


Weekly group class or private classes/workshops

More info here





More info here



90 min weekly classes can be booked in various ways.

All plans can be purchased as many times as needed.

Please note we have limited spots so to avoid disappointment, book your class in advance.

In order to allow preparation time, bookings for each week's class will close 24h before class starts. 


  • Drop-in/pay per class: €28 per class 

  • 5 Class Pass: €130 (valid 2 months)

  • 10 Class Pass: €250 (valid 4 months)

To book you will 1st be prompted to "sign up"/login as site member.

To View/Manage bookings:

Click here and make sure you are logged into the site. Then on the top right of the “DFB Class” block, click on “hello your name” to view your profile, under account click on “appointment” to view and edit your class bookings.

When purchasing a multiple class pass, make sure to go back to view/manage "bookings online" as explained above select and book each individual class equal to the # you purchased. 

Cancellation policy:

Rescheduling booked classes is only possible within 24 hours in advance (unless you gave birth, please notify us asap)

dancing for birth luxembourg

More info here

dancing for birth luxembourg
dancing for birth luxembourg

More about the Teacher:


Originally from South Africa and in Luxembourg since 2009, Marise Hyman is a mama of 2 daughters born here in the Grand Duchy that swapped her 17 year corporate career to follow her passion.


She is an IMPI Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Practitioner, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, IMPI Perinatal/Maternity Coach/Educator, “Becoming Us” Facilitator, Birth Advocate, "Dancing for Birth" Instructor, Holistic Childbirth Educator, Fearless Birthing Professional (Headtrash clearance method), "Birth into Being" Facilitator level 1-4, Reiki Practioner and founder of Luxmama.

Through heart-centred and soulful coaching, educating and healing via, she works holistically with individuals and couples worldwide as Preconception, Prenatal & Parenthood Doula and as Self-Empowerment Coach.


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dancing for birth luxembourg
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