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Rebozo & Comfort Measures

for Birth

Research shows that incorporating prenatal education from an independent, evidence based, unbiased source (not connected to your birth facility e.g. hospital) provides consumers with a more balanced view, enabling families towards more informed decision-making and an empowered experience.


Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl is very pleased to bring this workshop to expecting couples to arm them with knowledge and confidence for an empowered birth experience TOGETHER.

My little one was born yesterday morning and I couldn't be more glad I did the workshop with you back in March as I couldn't have done without the comfort measures learnt in the workshops so thanks!!

- Len Gribble -

During labor, the ability to use a variety of comfort measures is a must. Comfort techniques may work to keep Moms relaxed during labor, or can be used to achieve time specific goals such as encouraging a baby to move or relieving a back ache.


These skills can be used to help Mom stay home longer before going to the hospital or to keep labor progressing nicely once there. In this workshop we will talk about using these techniques effectively and how to best apply them to labor.

Learn how to use the Rebozo during your birth. What is a Rebozo? A Rebozo is a long piece of fabric much like a scarf or shawl that is hand woven with love. Rebozos have been used for comfort and connection during birthing for centuries by South American midwives and more recently by Birth Doulas all over the world.

This workshop will include the following topics:

Understanding true vs false labour and labour progression and coping through these stages using hands on comfort techniques (including the use of the Rebozo), breathing, visualization and affirmations. Learn about labour positions, the use of a birth ball and how to best support the medicated mother.


After this workshop, expecting parents will:

Have various tools in their birth-toolbox to apply during their birthing journey, under various conditions. Be confident to use the tools & techniques when and where needed. Use the ancient Rebozo technique to bring strength, support, relaxation, and connection to the laboring woman and her partner.


Can't make the date but would like a private session: Please arrange individually by contacting the teacher below.


Expecting Couples


Expecting Women plus a labour companion



Saturday 1pm - 4pm

Please see below for available 2018 dates to book:

17 Feb

21 Apr

9 Jun

18 Aug

13 Oct

19 Jan


  • 1 Ticket includes expecting mom and her birthing partner

  • Please add your name to the waiting list if you do not manage to grab a spot and sign up for our newsletter to watch for new dates released.

  • Cancellation policy: 1 week before the event - full refund, < 1 week before event - 100% cancellation fee


Creche Cannelle & Caramel

99 Rue Prince Henri,

7230 Helmsange, Luxembourg

Parking available on site

Public transport: A brisk 8 min uphill walk from bus-stop Helsemer Barriar from bus 11 or the Walferdange train station

More about the Teacher:


Erin Botrie is a Certified Birth Doula and Child Birth Educator (DTC) from Ontario, Canada. She believes in the importance of families acquiring the knowledge they need to make informed decisions that make sense for them on this journey. Erin advocates for labouring and parenting “your way.” Having attended many births, Erin brings practical experience and knowledge to assist parents to be in ensuring the most comfortable birth experience for both Mom and partner.

She also attends births as an independent Doula in Luxembourg, via Erin Botrie Birth & Doula Services volunteers for the Luxmama Club on various other activities, helping our organisation to flourish in the community!

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