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Send in a Biz Promo Video Clip

We are creating a mini-movie with messages from our community and would also like to show personal messages from businesses and organisations within the community to show the real people behind these entitities! All you need is a smile and your smart phone!


We will put this together in a little 10 minute "movie" that we will show on the big screen at our launch event and publish online afterwards! How cool is that?!

We only have limited spots so get it sorted soon to avoid disappointment.


Please note that your video should be no longer than 30 seconds.



1. Capture your clip. 

1. Complete the form below.

2. Make payment below to reserve your spot.

3. Capture your clip and upload your video on Dropbox/google and share with BEFORE 22 NOVEMBER



Thank you!


Promote your business in an innovative and fun way.
Be creative, the sky is the limit!
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