Dancing for Birth™ Classes

Weekly 10am-11am (Tues) or private classes at other times

Pre/postnatal fitness, birth/motherhood wisdom, relaxation, celebration, bonding.

Baby Massage Activities

Scheduled on demand

Baby Yoga

Scheduled on demand

Please note Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl is winding down, above you will find ongoing activities of our teachers no longer affiliated with the asbl.

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Birth Rights


Families should be able to choose and have access to the midwifery-led continuity model of care (currently only obstetric-led/medical model of care is available), which for healthy families lead to fewer interventions, healthier births and higher satisfaction.


Large-scale studies show that having a Birth Doula (non-medical support)

as complement to your medical labour team, leads to a shorter, easier & healthier birth. 

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