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Joanna arrived in Luxembourg during a very cold month of March 2013.  Whilst wondering what she was doing here…within a matter of weeks she met lots of interesting people and started to discover Luxembourg and its surroundings. Luxembourg turned out to be an inspiring place to live, with lots of potential, and open minded people. She was also soon to discover Luxembourg in a very different light...


Adapting to her new role as a mum in this foreign country, and  rapidly changing lifestyle that came along was no easy task for her. 


Thankfully, one of her new mama-friends one day said : “Why don't you join me at a Luxmama Club event?”


And, that's just how Joanna "became enlightened" and happily attended many more events thereafter. Here, she was able to share her experiences, meet friendly and always helpful mamas, learn and obtain valuable information on all things baby, while growing along with this vibrant community in her new role as parent.





Joanna Wolynska - Events Coordinator

After witnessing the growing need of new parents in Luxembourg to connect and support each other during this life changing adventure, she is now elated to be part of the Luxmama Club Team to support this growing community of parents.

With  more than 10 years experience in the management and hospitality sector, Joanna  will support the Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl in providing more inspiring events so we can continue to celebrate Parenthood!


With her passion for cooking, meeting new people and being at the heart of events, her role in the Luxmama Club Team is a match made in heaven.


Joanna has also recently enrolled in a 3 month Infant Mental Health Certificate at the Infant Mental Health Promotion Institute, joining thousands of other participants all over the world in this ground-breaking burst of information into the universe.

She is very much looking forward in meeting an abundance of new expecting/new parents at the next Luxmama Club Event!



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