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Jessica Sicre

Teacher: Baby Massage + Baby Yoga

Volunteer: Parents Circle Facilitator

Jessica, mama of two girls born in Luxembourg, felt immediately “at home” when she came along to Luxmama events, happy to discover the community warm and welcoming. Jessica was also struck by the Luxmama family’s positive values: Supporting one another; advocating natural ways to nurture our babies and children and striving for the optimal environment, birth rights and standards for bringing children into the world.

Originally from the UK and half-German, Jessica previously worked in Brussels and London as a business lobbyist. In Luxembourg, she transitioned into corporate communications and marketing, working for a bank until the arrival of her second baby led to a new path and roles: Mother of two, baby massage & baby yoga teacher and Luxmama Volunteer!

Jessica is Luxmama Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Teacher and also set up her own professional activity, Serenity Cocoon Baby Massage & Baby Yoga to help spread the practices of baby massage and baby yoga locally. She is thrilled to be a Luxmama Volunteer, motivated to help Luxmama continue to offer a supportive “village” to parents in Luxembourg and to raise awareness of birth rights, “green parenting” and issues relating to modern motherhood and parenthood in general.

Jessica runs a monthly “Serenity Café” meetup via the Luxmama Meetup group, to exchange experiences and tips for finding and keeping our serenity as mamas.

Luxmama Club also feels like the perfect fit to share Jessica’s passion for baby massage; a practice she discovered when expecting her second baby. “A fabulous, serene, loving, healthy, natural way to bond with our baby! I wish for everyone to have the chance to learn baby massage and to know and realise the critical role touch plays in nurturing our children. This is especially a great practice for us modern parents who are often running from one place to the next with baby perhaps more in car seat or buggy than we may wish, and who seek some more serene and peaceful moments to enjoy with their baby: Massage practice can offer our baby our connection, love, touch, movement and stimulation needed to help them develop in a really healthy and positive way.”

Jessica has also certified as a baby yoga teacher, learning and practising baby and toddler yoga with her two daughters as a fun complement to massage. Experiencing the joy and benefits of massage and yoga with her children, Jessica’s dream is for all parents and families to learn and practise some (baby) massage and yoga together.


When not spending time with her daughters or teaching, Jessica is probably enjoying a quick weekend morning coffee with her husband or practising yoga at home (though rarely undisturbed!). She loves swimming in lakes (in Zurich, visiting family) or just thinking back to that last time she enjoyed a refreshing splash on a hot summer's day!


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