Emma Blatch:

Collaborators & Partners Manager

Emma has been living in Luxembourg for three years. Originally from Australia, Emma arrived in Luxembourg after a 10 year stint in London. Since living in Luxembourg, Emma has had her two wonderful babies and will be rocking on with her third in the very near future.
Previous to the more current family focused life, Emma worked in the internet and domain world for a multinational hosting company where she led many varied projects and partners to success. Prior to this role, Emma was the customer services director for the biggest UK domain provider.
The shock of leaving that fast paced working life in combination with a newborn baby and being in a new town, really hit hard. Emma wants the chance to work with an organization that is making a difference for many others in the same situation.


Luxmama Club has plenty to offer mamas and families who are faced with these bumps in the road. Plus it's a great platform to showcase how much is on offer here in Luxembourg.
Working with our various Partners and "Friends", Emma shall be ensuring that as a team member of the Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl, Luxembourg's best services and opportunities are at your fingertips.