Below are the options we are able to offer. Thank you for respecting our promotional policy and making use of the options we offer below which is created to enable our 100% volunteer-run and self-funded organisation to continue existing. We employ our funds in paying our running costs so we can further our 3 awareness pillars. We remain independent from government funding so we can continue our work in Human Rights in Childbirth without conflict of interest. Thanks for supporting us!

if you personally would like to discuss the below options more, please feel free to join us at a monthly Positive Birth Movement group or Parents Circle where we are available to discuss. Best is to shoot us a mail at to let us know you'll be joining at which event and date as well as what you would like to discuss with us.

Collaborate with us

a) Promotions

1. Advertise in our monthly Newsletter

We send out a beautiful monthly online newsletter reaching over 900 subscribers.  €10 per month (€100 per year) to place your ad. This is a powerful way to send your message and reach the inbox of many expecting and new parents. The newsletter is issued each month between the 1st and 10th of the month. Applications and all info required need to be submitted well in advance (by latest the 10th of the preceding month) or otherwise it will appear in the following month. Yearly applications can edit/update the ad once during the year.

Send us 1. a good quality graphic in Jpeg/Png including a nice image representing your activity/product/service and/or text or you can send just a nice image and text seperately (max 20 words) and 2. a url link to your activity.

Apply here.


2. Our Website:

An add on our home page is currently €10 per month (€100 per year).

Graphic specifications of your ad: sized 250 x 250 px, jpg 72 dpi square standard web banner size or alternatively we can do the design at €15. Yearly applications can edit/update the ad once during the year.

Apply here.

3. Sponsoring at our Social Events/workshops:

3.1 Sponsor a raffle/tombola prize for great exposure and helping us to raise funds. More details and to apply click here.


3.2 We are regularly in the process of organising awareness events, we have regular social events, ParentPrep workshops as well as and welcome monetary sponsoring (your logo on our event promo cover €20 per event) or prizes for a tombola/raffle.

Please visit our Home Page to see upcoming social events.



4. Our Facebook Public Page:

Sponsoring some freebies for our FB Page will bring you great exposure. Please note: a freebie is not something potential winners need to spend money on in order to receive it. Subject to approval and our internal resources to process your request.

Apply here.

5. Our FB Group

The Luxmama FB Group Promo Policy:

Promotional posts = any posts related to your business, blog, event/activity/ any other promotions to expand your activity/project, free/paid)

 - In order to create value for our members, while enabling our asbl to continue existing to support our awareness pillars,


- Note: we do not consider responding to a member's question in a comment as promotion.


The only Available promo options are:

5.1 - Sponsor a freebie for #freebiefriday to promote your activity. Subject to approval and our internal resources to process your request. Please note: a freebie is not something potential winners need to spend money on in order to receive it. Please allow time for us to process. If your sponsoring is time-sensitive we recommend you apply well in advance.

Apply here.


5.2 - Apply for a donation-based (min €10) #sponsoredpromo  Your request is subject to approval and our internal resources to process your request. If your post is approved you will be invited to make your donation  to our asbl by sending payment to us on paypal ( or bank transfer to our bank details listed in the footer of our website. Your post will be allocated and posted in our group on an available day.

Submit your application here.

5.3 - Sponsor our Gratitude Give-Away to our members.

This give-away is held when we reach certain milestones.

Next milestone coming up is 3,000 members.

Please note: a prize sponsored for our give-away is

not something potential winners need to spend money on in order to receive it

We also promote this outside of our group.

Apply here.




b) Volunteer with us

Another great way to collaborate with us is by becoming part of our volunteer team.

We are currently looking for people that can help out with different roles and our team is growing gradually.

Once, you become a part of our team as longer term volunteer, we will announce it on Social Media, our newsletter as well as our our FB group with a description of your “bio”   We will also update your profile on our website, with your own seperate page. Read about our current volunteers in our About Section.

c) Contribute an Article to the Luxmama Blog

We always welcome contributions for our blog.
We are currently looking for someone with Wordpress skills to beautify it!
Articles from parents with your own personal experience about the transition into parenthood or any other topic within your expertise that would be interesting to our community of expecting or new parents will be welcomed!

Reviews about baby-friendly restaurants, parks, playgrounds etc too!

You can include at the end a little “bio” of yourself with a small photo as well and links to your projects. The article will then be published and we also spend time marketing the actual posts so great exposure for you.

d) Become an official Partner/Friend

Perhaps you are able to help us out with venue space for our groups, workshops, social events etc or any other way you could help us and/or you are an NGO of value to expecting/new parents then let's discuss to become friends.


If your products or services are beneficial to expecting and new parents and not against the core principles of our Mission or in competition of what our offerings/offerings in planning, we would consider you to become an official Partner, by offering our members a fixed discount or benefit.


To find out more and apply in becoming a partner, please see the form below to apply! Please note that it could take up to 3 months to process your request and we have a waiting list.

e) Teach a Workshop for Luxmama ParentPrep

Do you have special skills and knowledge that would benefit the well-being or knowledge of parents & parents-to-be?

To apply for Teaching a Workshop, please send us the below information:
1. How long the sessions will be
2. Maximum amount of participants and if babies of which age are allowed. (For example - in some workshops, we can only accomodate non-crawling babies)
3. Best timing for you - week nights, week days, weekends (mom and dad can even both come then) or flexible.
4. Your cost to host and present/teach during the time. (Thank you for considering that we are an NGO).
5. Description of the workshop content for our website.
6.A bio of yourself including your qualifications (please attach proof of your qualifications).

Please note our ability to coordinate workshops is subject to our internal resources available so we can not guarantee you the opportunity to teach with us as we have a high volume of requests and limited resources.

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